Images of the Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney Offices

We strive to offer innovative international logistics management solutions for our clients.

Navia Logistics Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated logistics service provider specialising in FCL and LCL import and export for both sea freight and air freight. We also provide services that involve high and heavy freight, customs clearance services and so much more.

We’re focused on providing a comprehensive service that leverages our international import/export experience, customer service and extensive industry knowledge in order to offer a seamless solution for our clients.

We build international supply chains expertly focused on exceptions and constraints. Our experienced team of logistics managers leverage our professional relationships to offer a service that is cost effective, provides increased efficiencies and builds ongoing value for our client’s business.

Through the use of our innovative technology ‘Navitrack’, we provide partners with cutting edge information transparency that is focused on optimising freight flows and supply chain.
Navitrack’s integrated client-facing order management and reporting capabilities provide a live and fully customised platform to access orders, summaries and management reports. The technology provides a completely transparent tracking system that allows our clients to gain access to live data 24/7. Navitrack also enables customers to build customs reports and gain access to high-level business intelligence as well as operational functions that act as a catch-all to reduce exceptions.

Navia Logistics employs the services of a professional coder and integration expert, which allows Navitrack to completely integrate systems within a 48 hour period. We’re committed to delivering superior services to our customers and are constantly working to improve our systems to offer innovative and advanced solutions that are progressive and provide our client’s with the best outcomes.
As a business, we’re focused on continuously evolving as the market changes and are dedicated to fulfilling our client’s needs and exceeding expectations in every service we provide. We’re proud to provide a valued service to the international markets we service.

When your business relies on robust international supply chain management, there is only one choice, Navia Logistics Pty Ltd.