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Navia Logistics Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated logistics service provider.

Our business constructs international supply chains that are expertly focused on exceptions and constraints. Through the use of our exclusive technology ‘Navitrack’, we provide partners with cutting edge information transparency that is focused on optimising freight flows and providing 24/7 reporting.

When your business relies on robust international supply chain management, there is only one choice, Navia Logistics.


In 2003, a sink or swim situation emerged when the overseas principal of a large multinational logistics company decided to close their Australian operations which left all three Australian-based employees without a job.

Seizing the opportunity to benefit from this situation, two of the three employees Simon Borg and Jon Hobson decided they should continue trading and swiftly turned the business into an independent company.

On August 1st, Navia Logistics was officially open for business. Evolving from a love and passion for logistics, the business went from strength to strength due to the ongoing support and commitment of the owners and customer base.


A reputation for service excellence and creative solutions quickly attracted more customers to Navia Logistics and before long, the business embarked on a significant growth phase.
Jon and Simon have always been at the heart of operations of the business and in the early years instilled an operational discipline into the workforce that remains with the company to this today.

Navia Logistics’ growth allowed for significant investment into core service offerings, which allowed the business to enhance supply chains that catered the needs of our clients.
In 2004, a mere year after launching, Navia Logistics launched a dedicated LCL service and opened our first interstate office in Sydney.

Navia Logistics then invested into owning their first warehouse in Melbourne and acquired their accreditation with IATA in 2007. As a result, this created more opportunities and enabled the business to book directly with all major airlines.

A small acquisition presented itself in Brisbane in 2011, which allowed the business to extend its physical office presence throughout the eastern seaboard of Australia.
Within the next 18 months, warehouses in Sydney and Brisbane were added to the business model as well as a second dedicated sea freight warehouse in Melbourne.


The future is bright for Navia Logistics. Our customers and employees are the key to our success, and we continuously work on improving and fine-tuning our offering as the world of logistics evolves.

We continue to invest in staff, infrastructure and technology to remain the service provider of choice for both large and small enterprises.

We are a proudly Australian owned and live by the Australian ‘can do’ attitude.

At Navia Logistics, we look forward to what the future brings.