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It is now coming up to 4 years since the Australian Government introduced legislation for importers requiring due diligence be performed on imported timber and timber products ensuring the timber does not result from illegal logging.

Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) have a video on their website advising the reasons behind these due diligence requirements and outline importer responsibilities. To view this video please click here.

Further to the information provided by DAWR, The Australian Furnishing Association (AFA) have launched the Furnishing Industry Timber Due Diligence Tool Kit with information for all importers on the steps required to perform the required due diligence. Please click here to view the Tool Kit.

It is also highly recommended to advise your Customs Broker prior to importation about the items you have performed due diligence on as DAWR ask certain questions at the point of importation to confirm due diligence processes have been followed.

If you are an importer of timber or timber products it may be worthwhile reviewing your due diligence processes. If you require any further information on timber due diligence requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.