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The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources advises importers and customs brokers that the import conditions for Manufactured Wooden Articles (MWA) within the Timber and timber products BICON case will be changed on 11 September 2017.

From this date, consignments of manufactured wooden articles treated offshore by heat, fumigation or irradiation methods will be required to be exported within six calendar months of the required treatment and be accompanied by additional storage certification in the form of a manufacturer’s, supplier’s or exporter’s declaration.

Goods in consignments that have been sealed in a container and exported immediately after treatment (i.e. date of treatment and date of export match) do not require a storage declaration.

Consignments that are exported before 11 September 2017, will need to meet current import conditions that are available in BICON.

For full details, including the wording and meaning of required statements please click here.

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