Trucks in a line

In late March we wrote about the congestion and shortage of Drivers in the US. The situation has not improved in fact it has worsened.

It’s been reported the US is short 51,000 truck drivers! These are epic portions, and yes quite frankly this effects your business.

With the lack of drivers not only are delays imminent and beyond our control, the cost of trucking is on the rise.

The magnitude of this issue is directly related back to government policy of the usage of electronic driving record data. Limiting drivers to a certain amount of hours of driving each day. This in turn is causing the shortage of capable drivers to work within government legislation.

Please take note that within the Chicago region carriers are requesting pre-notice of up to 2 weeks of your trucking requirements.

From a client perspective there are a few things you can do to minimize the effects on your business:

  • Increase your forecasting of orders
  • Provide ready dates as early as possible, whilst advising your shipper/cnee these dates are critical to meet trucking schedules
  • Advise your Navia Key Account Specialists of pending orders with ready dates as soon as possible.

If you’d like any further information on the above please speak with your Navia Sales Representative.